Become a skobbler BETA tester for our new iOS GPS Nav 2 update

UPDATE: We have found enough testers for our GPS Navigation 2 Beta Version. Please do not sign up anymore. Many thanks for the lively interest, we appreciate your help a lot. ——————————————————— We’re currently giving our new update for GPS Nav 2 on iOS the final touch. We can already tell you this much: It’s […]

Ratings of the week: No improvement without good feedback and why bicycles and GPS Nav 2 like each other a lot

:-) What we like most about this rating (apart from it being a 5-star-one :-) ) is that it underlines one of OpenStreetMap’s biggest, but often overlooked benefits: its value beyond the street.  People everywhere love to go out and take on adventure (or just walk around), which is why OpenStreetMap prides itself on giving […]