skobbler and OpenStreetMap at a Cost?

This week, we wanted to just take a quick second to respond to one of the questions our support team receives most frequently: why, if OpenStreetMap is open-sourced, and thus does not require any licensing fees do our apps cost money?

First off, you’re right! Given that OpenStreetMap is in fact crowdsourced, it is free for anyone to use. However, turning it into an app that uniquely and effectively addresses the issues of consumers unfortunately comes with financial demands.

Here at skobbler, over 60 people work tirelessly to give users that most up-to-date and versatile mapping service capable of helping users find both the nearest coffee shop and the quickest, safest route from point A to point B (online and offline). And while we love the OpenStreetMap, it takes a little work converting its unmatched “raw” mapping capabilities into an app with the host of benefits you have come to know and love (and that we love to incorporate) in a skobbler app.

From providing intuitive turn-by-turn voice guidance to delivering cutting-edge displays that adapt seamlessly to any screen, each facet of our apps requires not only expert implementation (by our stellar team of talent), but countless hours of hard work thinking how to build it “bigger and better”; all of which, unfortunately, requires money.

In the end, we love maps, and by harnessing not only the OpenStreetMap’s exceptional mapping potential, but its relative affordability, we are able to provide solutions that change the way users proceed throughout their surrounding’s at an incredibly budget friendly price. So get ready to take on the world. :)