Welcome to iOS, ForeverMap 2

You’re a tourist. You’re hungry, you can’t figure out where to go next, and worst of all – your Apple device doesn’t have service.

Sound familiar?

Well with great pleasure iOS users, we are happy to announce that this unfortunate set circumstances (and all of you subsequent Android map jealousy) are now a thing of the past, as ForeverMap 2 is now available on your iPhone and iPad.

As you know, we like maps that work and give you everything you need, and ForeverMap 2 does this both online and offline through our incredibly spiffy “hybrid” functionality and spot-on resolution powered by our unique NGx map engine (or the best thing that has ever happened to maps). With the NGx, ForeverMap 2 provides you with exactly what you are looking for, when you want it – no lag or annoying buffering grids, just a good old fashioned map with full search and routing, online or offline.

After all when you want to walk your dog, you want to walk your dog, and how dare maps delay you. :)

Additionally, know that moment when you wish one full-size, worldwide, ready-to-go map would come and save you from having to search through (and wait for) thousands of individualized city-by-city maps to get some simple map information?

We do too, which is why ForeverMap 2, both online and offline, gives you the whole world right at your fingertips – through downloadable continent and city maps that store locally and are supported by a seamless one-map-of-the -world interface that is fast-loading and easy to use. Let’s face it just because you’re in New York now, doesn’t mean you’re going to be in New York in an hour. So why have a map that only gives you a static look of the present, when you could have a dynamic look (thanks to OpenStreetMap) into the future?

Furthermore, given that things are constantly changing in the world around us, with ForeverMap 2’s frequent updates, again from OpenStreetMap, we can all rest assured that when we make our way down the street we won’t fall into an unlabeled pothole.

Getting out and about always has the potential to become unnerving. However, with ForeverMap 2, you may just find that the most unnerving thing about making your way through the world is that you’re having too much fun.  So stay vigilant iOS, stay very vigilant. ;)

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