Welcome to the Dev Zone – the new skobbler developer portal on our website

Great news: The skobbler dev(eloper) zone – our new web portal – can be found on our incredibly spiffy website!

What exactly is the Dev-Zone you ask? The Dev-Zone gives developers firsthand knowledge of GeOS – our map access technology – while providing them with the best way to use the OpenStreetMap on their web service or mobile product (meaning, it’s extremely simple to use, yet really versatile).

At this point, however, skobbler GeOS is still very much “in the works” and is currently only in its BETA PHASE. However, while still in development, GeOS has its eye on the top prize, and will ultimately become the most powerful SDK (software development kit) for OpenStreetMap implementation into your service upon completion – bar none. Furthermore, while it is only in the beginning stages, we hope interested developers will swing by and check it out (it is pretty cool).

In addition, the technology behind skobbler GeOS has been, and will continue to be constantly tried, tested, and improved. So, needless to say, we want to provide users with details on how they tick (meaning GPS Navigation 2 and ForeverMap 2 on the mobile side, and skobbler maps on the web side), so they will be in the know.

Mobile Integration:

Mobile integration is available for both iOS and Android. Find out more in the mobile integration area.

Web Integration:

For web services we offer web tiles (which can be used up to 100,000 map views/month for free), and to find out more information please visit here.

Finally, although we realize that the portal is currently at the very beginning stage, we are still incredibly excited and would love to receive your feedback (as always) regarding the developer zone and GeOS, so please get in touch. And remember to stay tuned, as we will be continuously adding new functionalities.