2012 In Review and A Little Holiday Cheer

From driving past 3 million users worldwide to having ForeverMap 2 become the number 1 mapping resource on Kindle Fire and Nook (with an Android launch even mixed in ;) ), 2012 was a pretty good year for skobbler. And while 2012 had a little bit of everything, from expansion (to a little place called Australia) to development (you know… GeOS goes beta with the Dev-Zone), the year would not be complete without a thank you to you guys.

As we have said before, you, the users and contributors, are the ones who make it all worth it. And while many will say words are not enough (only to turn around and only offer you words in the end), we here at skobbler firmly believe this age old saying, and thus, we are happy to announce our Holiday Contest in which you could be the winner of a $25 Amazon gift card!

Relax, don’t be so modest, you guys deserve it (I mean seriously, over 12 million edits on OpenStreetMap and more than 3 million users, a sticker and a pat on the back simply won’t do). To take part, simply log on to our Facebook page (“Like” it if you haven’t already), select sweepstakes, and enter the names of all of Santa’s reindeer by tomorrow December 20th. Get all of them right and BAM, you could be one of three lucky winners to take home a $25 Amazon gift card from all of us here at skobbler; pretty sweet right?

In the end, thank you again for an amazing year, we couldn’t have done it without you (or at least it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun)! Happy Holidays and we can’t wait to get back to business in 2013, barring any unforeseen Mayan related circumstances. ;)


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