WSLI – Unpleasent surprises (CW 17/2012)

Like any WSLI-blog post, this one has two parts. First, you get some inside info on what’s currently happening here at skobbler, then you’ll get some useful info for the use of our apps. Today we’ll tell you something about unpleasent visitors on our blog and you’ll also get useful information about the share button in our app.

Unpleasent surprises

Our blog has been attacked by hackers last week and unfortunately, they really managed to penetrate the Word Press system.

Of course things like that are always very annoying and we would have well done without it. In the end it was not as bad as we had feared though and as you can see – everything is up again, our blog is online available for everybody. A big thanks to our tech-team, which had everything under control in a very short time. However, we hope that such an ’emergency operation’ won’t be necessary in the future.

The share/help button

In the main menu of our app you’ll find in the left down corner the button “Share/Help”. Here you find help, you can report bugs, send an e-mail or you can share with your friends on facebook, where you are at the moment and to which place you are navigating with skobbler. Take a picture and tell the world, where skobbler takes you. We think it’s a pretty cool feature and we’d love to see some posts where you made use of our facebook-share-button. Of course you can also mark us in your posts. Just go to facebook, follow us and let us know, where the GPS Nav 2 leads you.

The skobbler team wishes you a great week.