Our latest accomplishment: the Weekend-Tips

Here comes our weekly feature update to shorten the time until the release of the ultimate upgrade – a whole new version of our “good old” navigation app. Every friday we will refer to one of your frequently asked questions and take you step by step through the answers.

Today’s topic: How do I allow the skobbler app to determine my location?

Upon first using our apps, many of you are answering the question concerning the clearance of location services with ‘no’. Consequently certain features of the app can’t be used properly. In case you want to change this setting and don’t know how – lucky you – here is how it’s done:

1. Go to the settings of your iPhone (NOT the app’s)

(iPhone-user with iOS 4.3 or newer skip number 2)

2. Go to the General Settings

3. Now go to ‘location services’. They have to be turned ‘on’.

4. Finally you see a summary of all apps which need a determination to locate your position. Go to your skobbler app and turn the button ‘on’